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HOMETOWN: Even though I was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, I was raised in Dallas, Texas. I’m a true Texas boy!

CURRENT CITY: Sandia Park, New Mexico

HOBBIES: Cooking! I’ve cooked ever since I could remember… love it! You can always find me at my local grocery store in the mountains looking for new flavors to combine.

FAVORITE FOOD OR RESTAURANT: Hands down… Tomasita’s in Santa Fe. Nothing beats their great enchiladas with a cold beer on the patio.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Never miss a good chance to shut up." Will Rogers

BEST GIFT I EVER RECEIVED: My wife bought me a ‘77 baby blue Ford Bronco for my birthday one year. It’s really sweet and in great shape.

PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE MOST: I admire people who shoot straight and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: There are several things I love about my job. I love talking to potential franchisees, as well as working with current ones. I also very much enjoy working with national publications like Entrepreneur, Home Business and Qualified Remodeler.

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