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HOMETOWN & CURRENT CITY: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Born, raised and staying.

HOBBIES: Camping and gardening give me time to think, while woodworking gives me an outlet to be creative.  Between the two, I come up with my best ideas.

FAVORITE FOOD OR RESTAURANT: I love Mexican food. My favorite restaurants are Los Cuates and Mary & Tito’s here in Albuquerque. They both have amazing food, but it’s hard to beat Los Cuates’ margaritas. Both are great places to take your friends!

FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you’re not lead dog, the view is always the same.”

BEST GIFT I EVER RECEIVED: My wife and children—these are my life’s greatest blessings.

PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE MOST: First would be Bill Drexel; he was a good friend of mine who was wise beyond his years before he passed several years ago. And John Wayne, of course.

BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: Research and development, it’s what I love to do!  Creating coatings, problem solving and being able to put my 35+ years of experience as a business owner to good use.

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