More About Michelle

INTERESTING FACT: Michelle was adopted from California, lived in New Hampshire and Arizona, all before making her way to New Mexico when she was seven years old.

CURRENT CITY: Edgewood, New Mexico

BEST GIFT I EVER RECEIVED: My horse, Fun. My dad gave her to me when I was 13 and I still have her to this day. She’s getting old and swaybacked now, but she still loves going for rides. I think of my dad every time I take her out.

HOBBIES: Horses and everything that comes along with them. In fact, that’s how I met Sharon! We started boarding our horses together over ten years ago. Other than that, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my two kids, Jaxon and McKenna.

PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE MOST: My mom. She does everything for other people before she thinks of herself.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I say that to my daughter all the time. It’s a reminder that people are not always nice, but we need to let it go and move forward. We need to keep going.

FAVORITE FOOD: The Chicken Marsala at Carrabbas, which we don’t have anymore!

BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: Our clients are always so happy when I speak with them about their home remodels. It’s great to hear how much happier they feel in their own homes once we’ve finished their job, and knowing that we helped them get there is very rewarding.

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