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HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas

CURRENT CITY: Sandia Park, New Mexico

HOBBIES: Long ago, I was all about participating in team penning and ranch sorting events in Santa Fe. I now enjoy taking my horse Gino on long relaxing trail rides through the mountains.

FAVORITE FOOD OR RESTURANT: My husband and I cook together all the time—you can always find the Food Network on in our house.  Right at this moment, I would have to say nothing beats eating my husband’s prime rib in our own home. Best prime rib this side of Texas! He’s a gourmet cook, so why go anywhere else?

FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you don't like what you're doing… quit!”

BEST GIFT I'VE EVER RECEIVED: My quarter horse, Gino. Whenever the going gets tough, I head to the barn, saddle up, ride deep into the mountains and let the world spin around me. It helps bring me back to reality.

PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE MOST: My grandmother (everyone called her Gigi). She was always working on something 
and had the moxie to discover and experience life along different avenues. I also admire people who start from nothing and take risks.

BEST THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: That I'm doing what I love and working with my family.  Another best is putting people to work both here locally, as well as around the country by giving them the opportunity to own their own business.

Sharon's been interviewed by several national and local media outlets and publications about entrepreneurship, building a business from scratch and how she gets it all done.  Plus, she's passionate about helping others perform highly in their personal lives and business ventures. Here's a sample:

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