Do you have an old, stained bathtub in need of some TLC? Get A Grip can help! Whether stained, cracked, or simply outdated, Get A Grip’s proprietary resurfacing process guarantees spectacular results for your tubs.  Plus, with a 24-hour cure time, why deal with the inconvenience and mess of tub removal and demolition?

Instead of replacement, many homeowners and commercial property managers opt to resurfacing an existing bathtub. Our customers routinely save up to 70% over conventional replacement with Get A Grip!

What is bathtub resurfacing?

Bathtub resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating onto the tub’s surface. If your existing bathtub is structurally sound, resurfacing with Get A Grip is a cost-effective way to update without the expensive of replacement.

Our on-site, spray-on process means there’s no tub removal or demolition, and no plumbing complications. Plus, with a curing time of just 24 hours, there’s no mess and inconvenience of full-scale remodeling.

How can Get A Grip refinish and restore my tub?

Each product Get A Grip uses is specifically designed for the specific surface; whether porcelain, fiberglass, Vikrell® or cast iron, we are the tub repair and resurfacing experts. This ensures our coatings will adhere firmly and you’ll have a bathtub finish you can depend on. Porcelain Glaze™, Get A Grip’s innovative, exclusive, high-performance coating system returns porcelain and fiberglass tubs to like-new condition. Our proprietary coatings have excellent color retention and high-gloss.

Have a cracked or stained fiberglass bathtub? Get A Grip has several revolutionary fiberglass repair systems that can bring fiberglass bathtubs back to life! Our proprietary Bio-Inlay® fiberglass repair system permanently eliminates weak tub and shower bottoms, and our slip-resistant Grip-Guard™ is designed specifically for tub and shower surfaces.

Get A Grip is one of the few companies that is a certified Kohler© Authorized Service Representative. Our partnership with both Kohler© and American Standard offers you the best services possible! We routinely repair and restore cracks, chips, and dents in porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, and Vikrell® surfaces.

Have an antique clawfoot tub? Get A Grip can repair and restore these classic treasures, too!

Get A Grip is your bathtub resurfacing solution!

When you factor in saving up to 70% over conventional replacement, resurfacing just makes sense.

Why replace your old bathtub when you can resurface it in just one day? Call Get A Grip today for a free, in-home estimate.