Bathtubs Resurfacing FAQS

Bathtubs Resurfacing FAQS

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What exactly is resurfacing? 

Resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating to countertops, tubs, showers, tile, cabinets, and even appliances. It’s an alternative to replacement that extends the life of the surface by many years.

How long does it take to resurface a tub?

It typically takes four to six hours to resurface most items in your house. For larger tubs or multiple bathrooms, the process might take more than one day. Because our coating takes 24 hours to cure, we typically recommend resurfacing one bathroom per day.

How long do I need to wait before I use my tub?

We ask that you let the surface dry for 24 hours before putting it back into use.

How long does your resurfacing last?

With proper care, your resurfacing should last for many years. For more information, see our Care & Maintenance and Bathtub Warranty pages.

Is there an odor? Is your coating harmful?

Our resurfacing does have a strong smell; however, it is not toxic and typically dissipates within a few hours. Our technicians always bring exhaust fans with them to jobsites. Because of our coating’s smell, we typically resurface occupied units and residential homes in the morning so that the smell has adequate time to dissipate.

How do i prepare my bathtubs for resurfacing?

We ask that you remove all items from the bathroom area (i.e., shower curtains, bath rugs, decorative items, etc.). Our technicians are trained not to touch any personal items and if your countertops are not clear, we will likely need to reschedule your work.

Do I need to leave while you’re working?

While we bring exhaust fans and make sure to well-ventilate the area, our resurfacing can bother people with a sensitivity to strong smells. Because of this, we recommend you avoid the work area. We also advise that you keep young children and pets away throughout the job, not only for their safety but to make sure the technician’s undivided attention is on the job.

What exactly is your coating?

Epoxies, while extremely durable, are not food and bath friendly. When Get A Grip first started, our coating specialists took the chemical formula for epoxies and made it safe for updating and restoring countertops and bathtubs. Over the last twenty years, we’ve perfected the technology.

What if I have a crack or chip in my tub and don’t need a full resurfacing?

We can absolutely perform crack and chip repairs! Get A Grip is one of the few companies that is a certified Kohler© Authorized Service Representative. Our partnership with both Kohler© and American Standard offers you the best services possible! We routinely repair and restore cracks, chips, and dents in porcelain, fiberglass, and Vikrell® tubs.

I would like something slip-resistant to put on the bottom of my tub. Do you offer this service?

Yes! Our Grip-Guard™ is a slip-resistant coating we can apply to the bottom of your tub or shower.

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