Looking for a smart, affordable way to update your home’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets? Call Get A Grip!

Cabinet resurfacing or refinishing is one of the most common home upgrades. It’s an ideal way to quickly update your kitchen, bath or other living space. Rather than completely replacing your cabinets, resurfacing means you keep your existing cabinets. You simply change the finish or color or both.

What is cabinet resurfacing?

Cabinet resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating onto the cabinet surfaces; whether you have wood, laminate, plastic or metal, we can help! If your existing cabinets are structurally sound, resurfacing with Get A Grip is a cost-effective way to update them without the expensive and hassle of replacement. And with a 24-hour curing time, you’ll be back using your cabinets in no time flat.

With Get A Grip’s cabinet resurfacing, you can give your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets a high-end designer look in just one day!

Get A Grip is your cabinet resurfacing solution!

Transform your cabinets with the look that’s so desirable at a fraction of the cost of replacing. The durability and ease of cleaning of Get A Grip’s finishes are unsurpassed in cabinet resurfacing, too.

That’s because Get A Grip’s products are specially designed for each surface. Our specially formulated coatings last longer than traditional paint. The specially formulated Grip-Cote™ provides superior adhesion to all substrates, giving it unmatched durability. Get A Grip’s resurfacing products makes surfaces easier to clean. Plus, with endless color selections you can easily match any décor.

With Get A Grip’s cabinet refinishing, you’ll see a dramatic difference in just one day! And when you factor in the cost saving and hassle factor over complete cabinet replacement, Get A Grip just makes sense.

So why replace your cabinets when you can resurface them? Call Get A Grip for a free, in-home estimate today.