Do you have dated or damaged countertops? Or are you just looking to update your surfaces while sticking to a budget? Either way, Get A Grip can help!

The high cost of labor, materials, and time associated with remodeling makes countertop resurfacing an attractive alternative. Typically, resurfacing costs 1/3 the price of full-scale remodeling and replacing.

What is countertop resurfacing?

Countertop resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating on top of your existing countertops. Get A Grip is a cost-effective way to update, enhance and beautify them without the expensive of replacement.

Our proprietary countertop resurfacing process typically is a one-day process, depending on the condition and size of your countertops. Your surfaces need a full 24 hours to cure before being put back into use—a much shorter time than demolishing, removing and replacing the old ones!

Get A Grip is the countertop resurfacing solution!

Homeowners and commercial property managers alike have found the solution to beautiful, like-new countertops at a fraction of the cost to replace. We’re known for our quick and easy resurfacing of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our resurfacing process is unrivaled in bringing old, damaged surfaces back to life. Get A Grip routinely repairs and resurfaces tile, laminate, and even cultured marble!

Eurostone®, our revolutionary multi-color fleck design, gives you the look and feel of luxurious granite for all your countertop surfaces. Plus, our Get A Metallic® line utilizes metal flecks to create spectacular results for your countertops.

So ask yourself, why replace when you can resurface?