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Diamond Cote™

Diamond Cote™

When you think of diamonds, you think of durability and beauty. Get A Grip’s new Diamond Cote™ takes inspiration from diamonds, giving your countertops unmatched durability and beauty. A small amount of enhanced metallics are applied on top of your chosen countertop color. Enhance the natural beauty of your newly resurfaced countertop by adding a translucent, pearlescent sheen. Impress your guests with this diamond-like finish!

An alternative to our Clear Cote™ protection, Diamond Cote™ gives your countertop a unique, rich metallic appearance. The unparalleled chemical and abrasion resistance of Diamond Cote™ makes your countertops even tougher! This long-lasting finish also helps to protect your countertops against water damage, making it a must-have for your modern surfaces. With this proprietary, high-performance coating enhancement, we guarantee outstanding results. Make your investment the best of the best!

Why replace when you can resurface? Upgrade your countertops with new Diamond Cote™! Get the luxury of high-dollar materials at a price you can afford. Ask to see a sample. You’ll fall in love with its transparent variations of color and metal!

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