Why Resurface?

Why Resurface?

Resurfacing your kitchen and bathroom countertops is a budget and environmentally friendly way to update and upgrade. Why deal with the mess and hassle of replacement when you can resurface at a fraction of the cost and have like-new countertops in just one day?

Save Time — and Money! 

Unlike with conventional replacement, Get A Grip’s breakthrough technology and 24-hour cure time gives you a like-new surface in just one day.  Our innovative spray-on process typically saves you up to 70% over the cost of replacement. When you factor in ordering and shipping new countertops, the installation process itself, and the cost of hauling away the old surfaces, that’s a huge savings!

Resurfacing Is Just As Good As Remodeling.

Just because your countertops have nicks and scars doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Get A Grip is the expert in repairing nicks, scratches, chips, and cracks. We routinely repair and resurface tile, laminate, cultured marble, and more to like-new condition, extending the life of your surfaces and giving them renewed beauty.

Environmentally Conscious 

For more than twenty years, Get A Grip has offered the smartest solution for transforming kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Not only is resurfacing financially sound, but it’s environmentally friendly! Since 1999, Get A Grip has been keeping material out of landfills, reducing waste and cutting back on our carbon footprint. Our customers repeatedly say this is a factor in their decision-making.

Get A Grip’s proprietary restoration and refinishing process can revitalize your household surfaces, extending their lives and giving them renewed beauty. Plus, there are no waste disposal or transportation costs when you choose Get A Grip.

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