Shower Process

Shower Process


Want to update your discolored, old shower surround but don’t want to deal with the mess, inconvenience, and expense of replacement? Call Get A Grip! Whether stained, cracked, or simply outdated, Get A Grip’s proprietary resurfacing process guarantees spectacular results.

With our revolutionary 24-hour cure time, why replace when you can resurface? Save up to 70% over conventional replacement with Get A Grip!

What is shower resurfacing?

Shower resurfacing is the process of applying a new coating onto the shower surface; whether it’s tile, porcelain or fiberglass, Get A Grip can restore your old surface to like-new conditions. Resurfacing with Get A Grip is a cost-effective way to update without the expensive and hassle of replacement.

How can Get A Grip refinish and restore my shower?

Each product Get A Grip uses is specifically designed for the specific surface; whether porcelain, fiberglass, or tile, we are the shower repair and resurfacing experts. This ensures our coatings will adhere firmly and you’ll have a shower finish you can depend on. Grip-Cote™, Get A Grip’s innovative, exclusive, high-performance coating system returns showers to like-new condition. Our proprietary coatings have excellent color retention and high-gloss.

Have a cracked or stained fiberglass shower pan? Get A Grip has several revolutionary fiberglass repair systems that can bring fiberglass showers back to life! Our proprietary Bio-Inlay® fiberglass repair system permanently eliminates weak tub and shower bottoms, and our slip-resistant Grip-Guard™ is designed specifically for tub and shower surfaces.

Get A Grip is one of the few companies that is a certified Kohler© Authorized Service Representative. Our partnership with both Kohler© and American Standard offers you the best services possible! We routinely repair and restore cracks, chips, and dents in porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, and Vikrell® surfaces.

Our resurfacing stands the test of time with breakthrough technology and a 24-hour cure time. Grip-Cote™ for shower resurfacing has excellent color retention and high-gloss.

Get A Grip is your shower resurfacing solution!

When you factor in saving up to 70% over conventional replacement, resurfacing just makes sense.

Why replace your old shower when you can resurface it at a fraction of the cost? Call Get A Grip today for a free, in-home estimate.

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