Why Resurface?

Why Resurface?

Get A Grip’s proprietary and proprietary resurfacing process can transform old kitchen and bathroom file surfaces without breaking the bank. Revitalize your old, outdated surfaces without the mess and hassle of replacement.

Save Time — and Money! 

The idea of full-scale remodeling can be daunting… not only for your wallet but also when thinking about how long the project will take. But did you know that resurfacing can restore your surfaces, without removal, in as little as one day? Plus, resurfacing can save you up to 70% off conventional replacement.

Resurfacing Is Just As Good As Remodeling.

Our high-performance coating system returns your tile surfaces to like-new condition in just one day. Not only are we able to color-match on site but we routinely spray specialty colors, giving you the perfect shade to match your décor.

Plus, the durability and ease of cleaning, along with competitive pricing, makes resurfacing an attractive alternative to full-scale replacement.

Environmentally Conscious 

Get A Grip is passionate about reducing the amount of materials that end up in landfills. For more than 20 years, we’ve done our part to reduce emissions and waste by offering an alternative to replacement. Our customers repeatedly say that’s a factor in their decision-making.

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