Because of the trade and home services we offer, Get A Grip® has been deemed an essential business. We are here to service your resurfacing needs and give you the peace of mind that comes from great customer service.

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Get A Grip stands behind our proven products and techniques. If our material or workmanship proves faulty during the warranty period, we will correct these faults at no additional cost. We cover flaking, peeling, and cracking. This warranty does not cover man-made damage or negligence, however accidental, by the customer.

Our limited warranty does not cover:

  1. When the waiting period is not honored. The newly refinished area needs a full 24 hours to cure. Do not let anything touch the surface during this time!
  2. When bathmats with suction cups are used. When subjected to hot water, the suction cups can pull at the resurfacing, causing the resurfacing to peel up. If you would like a slip-resistant surface, we recommend Grip-Guard™, our permanent slip-resistant material.
  3. Exposure to continuous wetness, such as leaking or dripping plumbing.
  4. When harsh, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, or scratch pads are used to clean the surface.
  5. When products such as lemon, lime, vinegar, bleach, oils, hair dyes, acids, etc. come into contact with the surface. These chemicals can cause the surface to discolor.
  6. Objects such as metal cans are stored on the surface. These can form rust stains.
  7. When animals are washed on the newly resurfaced area. Their claws frequently scratch the resurfacing.
  8. Garments are hung over the surface. These items may bleed color onto the surface.
  9. Any damage (chips, dents, scratches, etc.) that is the result of a structural issue.
  10. Any damage (chips, dents, scratches, etc.) that is the result of activity that is not normal wear and tear, and was not recommended by the original manufacturer.

We DO NOT offer warrantied on structural problems determined by technicians and/or general wear and tear.