Get A Grip believes there is no substitute for hands-on learning. We put you in the field with experienced technicians, letting you learn directly from the leaders in the resurfacing industry—us! From our proprietary OTTESEY® spray system to the exclusive Bio-Inlay®, which permanently eliminates weak fiberglass tub and shower bottoms, we’ll teach you how to repair and restore virtually every surface in your home. Our superior techniques, products, and equipment make all the difference.

Our specialists will teach you:

  • How to operate our proprietary OTTESEY® spray system
  • Preparation and precautions on all surfaces
  • Application of proper coatings
  • Major and minor surface repairs, including foam injection repairs
  • Problem areas and corrective applications

You’ll also learn how to apply these exclusive products:

  • Bio-Inlay® repair and installation
  • Bio-Adhesive™ repair compound
  • Diamond Cote™ coating system
  • Euroclear™ clear high gloss and matte finishes
  • Eurostone® flecking techniques
  • Get A Metallic™ coating system with real metal pigments
  • Grip-Cotecoatings
  • Grip-Guard slip-resistant additive
  • Grip-Tex slip-resistant installation
  • Poly-Fil reconstruction filler
  • Por-Etch etching compound

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    Learn how to run a successful Get A Grip® Franchise business with our exclusive processes and training.

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