Sharon Dillard, CEO & Co-founder

After gaining extensive experience in the high-end fashion industry for many years, Sharon utilized her savvy and intuitive marketing skills to establish and grow Get A Grip Resurfacing into a successful nationwide franchise.

In recognition of her exemplary leadership, Sharon was honored as a Top Performing CEO by New Mexico Business Weekly in 2010. Since then, the company has received numerous prestigious national awards, including the Qualified Remodeler 500®, Entrepreneur® Franchise 500, Remodeling 550®, Top Women-Owned Businesses, and Fastest Growing Companies with Albuquerque Business First.

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Ryan Dillard, President & Co-founder

Ryan is a problem-solver extraordinaire! He loves training new technicians and franchisees in the best business practices so that they can be successful from Day One. With his help, he makes sure that Get A Grip stays up to date with their products and services. He also provides support to existing locations because nobody should ever have unanswered questions when it comes to QuickBooks or Service Fusion. Whatever you need sorted out, you can count on Ryan for a solution!

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Austen Dillard, Vice President

Austen is our go-to guy for product ordering, and he also rocks color matching like nobody’s business. Not only is he our ace color master, but he’s also the person we turn to for all the hottest products and techniques on the market! He’s up-to-speed with new equipment, prices, and training methods, including Get A Grip’s specialized resurfacing process. His wizardry extends beyond simply knowing; he trains our fresh technicians and franchisees like a pro so that everyone can unleash their inner resurfacing greatness.

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Danielle Landin, Operations Manager

With a knack for multitasking, Danielle is the ultimate business juggler. She wears many hats to ensure smooth sailing in the Get A Grip Corporate office – acting as our operations manager. Her specialty includes inputting invoices into multiple portals; from apartment complexes to management companies, home builders or any other customer that needs assistance with billing services. It comes as no surprise as to why she has an abundance of experience involving customer service and billing — she makes sure everyone’s ship reaches safe harbor on time!

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Carrie Quinn, Franchise Project Manager

Carrie is the key to streamlining franchise sales operations and making sure every franchise owner has the tools and support needed to thrive. She collaborates closely with Gwyn O’Kane of FranDecision to nurture new franchise leads and teams up with the marketing and advertising crew to boost franchise visibility and success. With her keen eye for detail and stellar organizational skills, Carrie excels in drafting essential documents, guiding new franchisees through onboarding, and keeping everything compliant with state laws. She’s also a pro at keeping communication smooth between corporate, franchisees, and all the valuable behind-the-scenes players. With Carrie at the helm, the Get A Grip family continues to grow and flourish.

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Devin Chico, Commercial & Residential Representative

Meet our exceptional Commercial & Residential Representative, Devin! As the backbone of our commercial and residential customer support at Get A Grip Corporate, Devin is a natural at handling in-home estimates, commercial estimates, and job scheduling, as well as addressing customer concerns. He shines as an awesome team player, demonstrating a genuine commitment to learning and improving. With a solid background in customer service, administrative duties, and problem-solving, Devin brings a refreshing and approachable demeanor to the team.

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Brittnee McIntosh, Commercial & Residential Coordinator

Brittnee, our resourceful Commercial Coordinator at Get A Grip Corporate, is the driving force behind our commercial operations. Known for her adept relationship-building, she easily vibes and connects with apartment and maintenance managers, addressing requests and concerns with finesse. Navigating commercial estimates, job scheduling, and customer issues is her daily dance! Her wealth of experience has built trust among our technicians and apartment managers, fostering strong relationships. Brittnee brings both professionalism and a dash of fun to keep our work environment lively and successful!

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Mercedes Valenzuela, Administrative Assistant

The Get A Grip Corporate team is thrilled to introduce their newest member, Mercedes! With over 15 years of experience in customer service, Mercedes is a pro when it comes to engaging with customers and team members. She has a knack for responding to all sorts of inquiries with patience, diligence, and kindness, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Plus, with her background as a former Customer Service Representative and Leasing Consultant, she’s got a whole range of skills that will help her thrive in her new role as Administrative Assistant.

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Victoria Perea, Accountant

With her sharp eye for numbers, Victoria is the math-maven extraordinaire of Get A Grip Corporate. She takes on the challenging work of keeping accounts payable organized and up to date. She’s a partner-in-crime with Danielle, handling invoicing and collections. Victoria ensures all bills are properly taken care of. Talk about awesome sauce; we’ve got it all covered here at Get A Grip!

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Albert Barela, Warehouse Manager

Need an answer about products, ordering, or the whole resurfacing shebang? Look no further than Albert! He’s our multi-talented Get A Grip point man, orchestrating orders for our franchisees, tightening up inventory, zapping spray gun issues with ease, and making sure all custom cabinet jobs are refinished to perfection. Most importantly, Albert is our resurfacing matter expert — he knows his stuff!

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Mike Barela, Assistant Warehouse Manager

Mike’s expertise in warehouse management is a valuable asset to Get A Grip’s daily operations. He ensures that all those tenacious franchise orders get filled correctly and shipped without a hitch. It’s up to him, Austen, and baby bro Albert, to ensure all things in the warehouse run smoothly and efficiently. There’s not job too small or large for this top-notch team!

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Andrew Barela, Warehouse Assistant

Meet Andrew, our diligent Warehouse Assistant at Get A Grip. With a keen eye for detail and a rock-solid work ethic, Andrew ensures our inventory is well-organized, assists with product order fulfillment, and tackles the meticulous task of keeping our spray apparatuses in top-notch condition. Additionally, he makes cabinet door and drawer prep a breeze, playing a crucial role in our cabinet orders. Teaming up with Albert and Mike, Andrew ensures our warehouse runs smoother than ever. His steady presence and commitment make him a valuable part of our crew.